Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Maldivian Legend: Written by Mr. Ali Shareef, H.Filigasdhoshuge. Male Maldives.

The first baby was cute of the young couple,
The parents kept her out of sight of the people,
Dhon Aisha and Malima Moosa the proud parents,
Celebrated the occasion joyously,
Named her Dhon Hiyala secretly.

On the same day and at the same time,
A boy was born in another island,
His name was Ali Fulhu, also good- looking,
He is from Hulhudheli of next atoll.
Not far but deep sea in between two islands.

When they were grown-up and mature,
Ali Fulhu came to her island Burunee, one day,
It happened upon him to see her, on Kamana beach,
It was love at first sight, for both of them, all at once,
The beginning of a famous legendary romance.

At last they got married and lived happily,
Ali Fulhu was working as a blacksmith,
While, Dhon Hiyala was a devoted housewife,
But a shadow was secretly being cast on their life.

A man, called Faqeer Ali visited her house,
Pretending to be a blind he asked her for a shelter
He lived in the house with the permission,
And went away to complete his mission.

He was in search of a beauty for the king
Found the most attractive girl of the day,
Came to Male' and met the king in the palace,
He was given the title of Dhoshimeyna.

The king and his aide went to Burunee,
After arresting Ali Fulhu as a criminal,
He was given to a riotous crowd,
Gave order to divorce his wife, much loved.

The king asked the magistrate to do so,
And arrange his marriage with the Beauty,
Before the magistrate, no other choice,
So, he asked the girl to keep down her voice.

They brought her to the wedding ceremony,
Magistrate said "this is an unconventional marriage,
Without the consent of the bride,
And she is a legal wife of somebody".

Forced her to come to Male' with the King.
She has to live in agony at the Palace,
And at last she managed to runaway secretly,
Embarked on her husband's boat "Endheri. "

On the way the boat anchored near a sandbank,
They have seen the King's search party, approaching
She jumped into the sea, a voracious shark caught her,
Her husband jumped to save her but became a victim.

Her head and Ali Fulhu's leg buried in Kandoodhu,
Even today there is a tombstone in the island,
In the memory of the beauty from Burunee,
A story like Laila & Majnoon in Maldivian history.

Copyright © alishareef 03 Jan 2005

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