Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ocean Waves

By Mr. Ali Shareef H.Filigasdhoshuge Male Maldives.

People go to walk on the beach,
Collecting shells and pebbles,
As if they are beautiful treasures,
How gently you wash away their footprints.

Bright moonlight that comes down,
Shimmering blue water of the sea,
At the time sunset painting the sky,
The waves splashing on the shores.

Cool breezes invigorating the feelings,
Caressing the face and closing the eyes,
Sound of waves makes lullaby,
This is the common scene of day and night.

But that day you were different,
Looking at us without smile and laugh,
Giant swells washed away so many souls,
And so many islanders' livelihood all gone.

Today we mourn for all those died,
In the disaster of tsunami on that day.
When they heard the loud noise at first,
No one suspected you to come like that,
Crashing down everything in your path.

It was a catastrophic event, never seen before,
But we want you to promise to be the same old friend,
And never to do such a thing again,
If you can promise, we can forgive you.

The sad memories remain still in our hearts,
Haunting us like a black cloud overcasting,
Burning and searing deep into our souls,
Lives of so many victims are still miserable,
Giant waves have washed away their livelihood.

Some of them have lost their loved ones,
Their property and shelters completely,
They were forced to flee from danger.
Many people migrated to other islands.

We are sea-farers living on scattered islands,
Our life depends on you in many ways,
We want to see a friendly face from you,
And wish to treat us with mercy forever.

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