Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diana, People's Princess

By Mr. Ali Shareef H.Filigasdhoshuge Male Maldives.

She won the hearts of the sick and the disabled,
News of her tragic death stunned the world,
So many flowers and candles they brought to remember,
Diana represents charm and glamour,
Her services for humanity, contributions for charity.
Rightly named as the people's princess,
Hand shook with lepers showing sympathy.
Her crusade to ban land mines.
Witnessed by the people from all corners,
Loving personality mingled with beauty,
Popular beyond the seas, not because of her royalty.
She was in pursuit of true love.
Which never came in her life to reality.

Died after an accident on 31 August 1991

This poem has been chosen to be included in the
Forthcoming anthology "Sweet Memories"
To be published by Book Mark publications, in London.

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