Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Era

By Mr. Ali Shareef H.Filigasdhoshuge Male Maldives.

After the darkness of the night,
Comes the brightness of the dawn.
Nothing remain the same in life,
Changes find ways, not to be down.
When we look at the nations,
We can see the same indications.
With new faces in administration.
New developments and aspirations.
If they follow democratic principle,
Then the power rests with the people.
The Government becomes transparent,
With checks and balances by parliament.
Here under the new constitution,
We have begun on a good foundation.
The Promises are there in quantity,
People wait to see them in reality.
We hope for a better achievement,
For the nation, an era of development.
Filled with zeal and jubilation,
Celebrating the constitutional revolution.

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