Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On an Island

By Mr. Ali Shareef H.Filigasdhoshuge Male Maldives.

Breaking the silence in the morning,
Rhythmic sounds of waves splashing,
Home-like feeling to hear fronds' murmuring,
And on the beach, crabs in their holes, peeping.

Here near the beach, chicken running around,
In the blue sky, passing clouds to be found,
Sea birds flying towards the fishing ground,
Familiar sight of dhonis, speeding out bound.

Local fishing-boats of traditional design,
Shape of bow on the front end, a local sign,
A rich heritage of arts, not foreign,
For the imagination, giving a free rein.

Pristine, milky white beach sands,
Clean spotless seaside of the islands,
Children happily at play in bands,
Their modest houses, closeby stands.

Morning time for fishermen is to fetch,
People at home wait to see the day's catch,
Tuna, a delicacy, nothing is to match,
If the season is good, fill the capacity with a snatch.

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