Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life in this World

By Mr. Ali Shareef H.Filigasdhoshuge Male Maldives.

This is a world of uncertain,
Nobody knows what is behind the curtain

Fond of life's lustful joys,
At last prove, all as toys.

In sickness, we can't buy our health,
If there is great wealth.

Physique itself grows old,
Youth is a limited time in this world.

Beauty is like a flower,
It won't be the same forever

Love is a torment in the mind.
Everlasting happiness couldn't find.

Our days are numbered, for the age.
This earth, a player's stage.

Chance of life, valuable, under the sky,
Before we meet our end and die

Let us pray for God's bliss,
Asking for mercy with bless.

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