Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Anger Management Techniques

You can learn anger management techniques, regardless of the cause of your anger. Admitting the fact that your anger is out-of-control is essential to tackling the problem. Excessive anger can be caused by health problems, family issues, drug or alcohol abuse, financial despair, extreme fear or stress, and spiritual void. Uncontrolled anger results in added troubles to your life. But you can control your anger! Controlling your anger is a choice you can make!


Uncontrolled anger has long-term emotional and physical effects on our body.

  • Physical effects: Anger causes injury, increased adrenalin surges, high blood pressure, and increased heart rate; possibly producing stroke, and heart attacks.
  • Emotional effects: Anger creates intense guilt, feelings of failure, depression, constant agitation, violent rage, and possibly suicide.


Anger is a very strong emotion. Uncontrolled anger is a life-long pattern. It is not easy to overcome anger; it requires determined commitment. It requires honesty, courage, and tremendous inner strength. It also requires help from others. To overcome anger, these steps are important:

  • Consciously determine to be calm. Don't react, think! Remember your goals and respond appropriately. Choose to remain calm!
  • Communicate. When someone upsets you, tell them. Calmly talk to them about how you feel about their words or actions. Learn to express yourself better -- clear and composed. Choose to!
  • Remove yourself from the scene until you can respond without anger.Your success will not happen overnight. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Remember to relax. Relaxation exercises or music can be helpful. Keep in mind you can reach out to someone you trust for help. Choose to!
  • Frequently take time for yourself. Do something you enjoy like walking in the park, swimming, reading or seeing a feel-good movie. Do something nice for someone you admire. It's okay to feel good about yourself. Choose to!
  • Look for the positives. Don't dwell on the negatives. "Don't sweat the small stuff." Learn to be forgiving. This is difficult, but we need to start by learning to forgive ourselves!

Gaining Perfect Peace

A person having difficulty controlling his anger is not a bad person. Anger against ‘wrong’ is not sin! It is no disgrace to admit we have a problem and seek outside help. Peace, and the solution to life's problems, can only be found by turning to God. You need to pray for strength and self control to enjoy a life of contentment and joy. You also need to pray to God to remove the darkness of anger controlling you. Choose it! "God will keep in perfect peace all who trust in God, whose thoughts are fixed on God!"


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