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Health benefits from some varieties of vegetables and fruits – 1.

I am very grateful to my very close friend Mr. Maqsood of Pakistan. We use to message on lot of subjects and we share lot of useful knowledge. Now we are discussing about ghosts and I told him in real sense I saw a ghost. He is a well knowledgeable person on the subject of spiritual science. But let me admit I only finished my high school and have not gone above that to receive any certificates from any university. Like wise he wrote a mail on vegetables and I thought to write and share knowledge of vegetables and fruit. I will be using some of his sentences in this article in gratitude of his knowledge.

  • A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye... and YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes.

The most important features found in carrot is its fiber content. Half of this fiber is calcium petite and other is soluble fiber. This may help to lower blood cholesterol levels by eliminating with other bile acids. It activates cholesterol to be drawn out of the bloodstream to make more bile acids. It helps to prevent heart diseases due to its antioxidants abilities. Harvard University suggests that people who in take more than 5 carrots per week are very much safe and less likely to suffer from a stroke than those who eat 1 carrot per month. Carrot contains a very complete nutrition to provide our body the essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals. For each 100 gram, the carrot has 7.6 gram of carbohydrate, 0.6 gram of protein, 0.3 gram of fat, 30 milligram of calcium and 0.6 milligram of iron. Also, it is a good source of fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, biotin, potassium and thiamine.

Carrot also offers an excellence source of beta-carotene, which is 3.62milligram (equivalent to 1981 international unit for the value of vitamin A) in each 100 gram of carrots. Many studies have shown that carrot provide us the highest amount of beta-carotene among the list of vegetables we always consume everyday.

Make it a usual habit to eat or consume carrot all through your life and provide our infants carrots. Carrots improve your eyesight. Some of you may raise a question to say what exactly it is about carrot that is good for eyes. That would be the beta-carotene. Carrot is rich in vitamin A. The vitamin A forms a purple pigment called as rhodopsin. This helps the eye to see things in dim light. Not having enough vitamin A ends up into night blindness.

That’s not all that carrots can do for you. The beta-carotene in carrots is an anti-oxident combating the free radicals that contribute to conditions like cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration. The best thing of carrot is that it is easily assimilated by our body. Chinese practitioners said that carrot tastes sweet, and it is good for the health of spleen and stomach. It is also believed to improve impotence (lower sexual drive), sexual dysfunction, night blindness, long term cough (or call hundred days cough in Chinese medical prescription) besides strengthening kidney and eliminating excessive wind and cold in our body. The researchers will know more and for sure carrot is a good friend of yours during meals.

Carrot has proved its outstanding role in anti-cancer effect. The research revealed that people with lack of beta-carotene were more likely to have 2 times higher risk of cancer than normal people. It is wiser to eat an appropriate amount of carrot per day to prevent cancer. This is because beta-carotene in the carrot can be easily changed by our body into vitamin A, which is essential for healthy cell growth, strong immune system and protection against muscular degeneration (AMD).

Now let me drop on to the last thing to be told. Cooking carrots actually raises the nutritional benefits. The fiber in carrots can trap the beta carotene, making it difficult for your body to extract. By cooking them slightly, you free the beta-carotene, from the fiber, which allows your body to absorb it better. Eating only a half-cup serving per day will give you more than the recommended dosage of beta-carotene. Also when you buy carrots raw at the store, you must cut off the leafy tops before storing, or they will suck out all the vitamins. The best way to consume your daily dose is to add carrot to your favorite juice blends. This actually breaks apart the fibers allowing the beta-carotene direct access to absorption. Carrot is fat-soluble substance; its nutrition is absorbed better with the presence of oil. Therefore, it is better to dip one drop of olive oil into a glass of carrot juice so that our body can effectively absorbed its nutrition.

  • Carrot Food Therapy for Certain Diseases is Listed as Follow:

For Hypertension's Patient

Drink 100milliliter of fresh organic carrot juices everyday and it should be two servings per day. The therapy should proceed constantly for 30 days.

For Those Who Have Constipation

Blend fresh organic carrot juices from a juicer. Then, pour the juice into a glass. Dip a drop of olive oil into the glass. Mix it with an appropriate amount of royal jelly honey. Stir the mixture for a thorough mix. Each serving should be 80 milliliter, with every morning and night each.

For Those Who Have Night Blindness or Dry Dull Eyes

Get ready with 250gram of fresh organic carrots. Put two tablespoons of olive oil in the wok. Add in carrots. Fry with slow fire till it is thoroughly cooked. It should be one serving for a day. The therapy should proceed constantly for 7 days.

For Those Who Have Long-Term Cough (Hundred Days Cough)

Get ready with 200 gram fresh organic carrots and 13 pieces of jujube (Chinese red dates). Cook with slow fire. Make sure the amount of water is not too much or too little. There should be approximately 8 bowls of water (measured with a small Chinese bowl) for approximately 30 minutes. It should be one serving per day.

For Those Who Suffer From Scalp Itching and Dandruff

Get ready with 200 gram fresh organic carrots. Use slow fire to stew the carrots. Add in appropriate amount of sea salt according to your taste. It should be one serving for a day.

Least but not the last, it is very important to read and understand.

It is very important to take note that the carrot should not be taken together with an orange. This is because Thiocyanate compound in carrot will react chemically with substances in orange which can cause goiter (the enlargement of the thyroid). Similarly, carrot cannot be taken together with polygonum multiflorum (Chinese knotweed or flowery) and ginseng.


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