Thursday, July 3, 2008


I very much wonder how many of us do think and feel life is bad, too bad and wish if you were in another situation. Let me be honest and tell you that I do feel and think so often. Many a time I find life make things for me real bad and too difficult for me, work sucks life sucks, every things seems go very wrong. Nervousness goes beyond control. But being a deep believer in Allah I get on my feet because I understand Allah will never send a bad situation to Allah’s slaves.

One of my best friends tells me despite taking 2 jobs he brings back barely above 1k per month. He told me he is as happy as he is. I could not sleep because I was wondering how he can be happy as he is. When I consider what he gets and how much he has to spend stars were flying on my face. With this 1k he has to skimp a pair of old parents, in-laws, a wife and 2 daughters and so many bills of house hold per month. Then next day I went and asked him brother can you simply explain me how you are managing all these people with 1k of monthly pay. He told me listen if I don’t work and just sit at my home will I get anything. He told me I will think and think and at the last I get a complete decision, to hang myself and die. Will there be a good result in it. My parents and my wife and children will suffer more. Therefore it cannot be the final choice. The final will be work hard and earn as much as I could and spend the amount wisely. Then it is called a happy life. Will you know what is in my stomach till I tell you? Will you know who poor I am if I be clean and dress up cleanly. He told me life is a tact that has to be well managed.

Then he told me this simple story. He told me he was in one of the countries and by a incident that he saw this from his own eyes. This incident occurred a few years back. He told me right in front of his eyes he saw a poor mother chopped off her loved son’s right hand mercilessly. But he slowly told me he can see from the mother’s eyes the helplessness. He told me still even right now he can hear the scream of pain from the innocent 4 year child. I know the question in your lips. Why did mother did such a inhuman act, is it because the child was naughty, was the child’s hand been infected, etc. My answer to all these questions is a simple no. This brutal act was done only for 2 simple sheer words. TO BEG. No one, who had not seen this wicked act will not believe. The distressed mother deliberately did this act because to make the child handicapped and he could go out in the street to beg.

He related to me to say he was taken aback by seeing scene, without his knowledge, he dropped a piece of bread that he was eating halfway. Almost instantly, a flock of 5 to 6 children swamped towards this small piece of bread with was by then covered with sand. This natural reaction was nothing other than hunger. Stricken by the unbelievable happenings he instructed the auto driver to drive to the nearest bakery. He went to bakeries and bought all the bread that was available in both places. The manager was dumbfounded but for luck they sold every bit available there. To buy about 400 loaves of bread he spent nearly 100.00 dollars. Then he spent another 100 to buys drinks. Off he went with these to the spot where he dropped a small piece of bread. As he distributed the bread and the necessities to the children one thing he observed was majority of the children were handicapped children, and a few adults were there to receive. How unfortunate were they was what he thought while he distributed the food for them.

He told me for the first time in his life he wondered how people can give up their dignity for a small piece of bread when hunger strike on us. Then with a sad smile he told me how fortunate he is to be able to have a complete body, have a job, got the chance to complain to wife what food is nice and what food it not tasty. Got the chance to be clothed, and also had many other happiness which those kids and adults he had seen were deprived of.

Now the fuel is day by day going high and high in price and because of it every nation is talking about the inflation rate. So now this is the time we are to think about all these things and do some useful planning for the coming days. I do hope every one will think deeply over what I said and will do the necessary arrangements for the near future. Then with a deep breathe he asked me is my life so miserable, or was my life really that bad. No, not at all – I should not feel bad at all about my life. Then he nodded at me and asked what about you. Then he said next time you will think about you. Think about the child how lost one hand just for a 2 word. TO BEG. “Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want. it is the realization of how much you already have.

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soboeth said...

For intelligent people, misery can be the root of progress.
If our grandfathers would have been always satisfied with their situations, I could not even read this blog neither write this comment.
We would have no idea about life apart of our region.
To invent the wheel was just a start to have easier living conditions.
Today menkind left the moon behind and is on his way to mars.
So we are just like a smal seed growing slowly in this univers, or are we like the cancer, to infect more and more?
At least we don't travel by donkey but by plane conquered the highest mountains and dive in the sea.
Are we happier? Are we satisfied?
When I discover this world, I remarked that people in poor countries seem as happy or even more than those from industrieal countries.
Maybe we'll understand the sence of all this in the second of our death.