Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A woman is an intelligent person who knows much and cares a lot. A woman dreams with her heart, dream of passion, about her kids, beauty, and peace on earth. A woman care more than a man and cries when she is hurt or wounded, but if she knows she will heal soon she puts up a sweet smile not to show her tears.

The best lover is a woman. She loves with her soul, deep and true love, with all this she dreams of her future for her love. A woman stands straight through every wrong done to her without much complain compared to the wrong done to her. She is so sweet she forgives past wrongs done to her, and finds the strength to move on with her life.

A woman gives everything she has without holding back due to fear which reminds her of hurting if she holds it. Woman is so genuine she protects the love she got and which she gave. No one can imagine other than a woman love that lies within her. Only a woman can feel her warmth, the kindness, the secret truth that is hidden beneath a woman’s heart.

Only the woman knows tender touch that can heal a mans wounds relieve all his fear when in need. A woman can give all the love she got when it is correctly done to her lover. Only a woman with a woman’s heart can understand and accept many a pains she encounters many times of her life. A man cannot feel and imagine the strength of a female’s heart. A woman clearly know if all she owns was taken, but there are parts of woman, the best of her, that nothing on earth can ever take away from her. That is a woman’s heart. The woman’s everything which belongs to her. It is the real love within her heart that makes who she is. A love without pain could a be a love that is dead for her. What I mean to say is if we are to be a couple then there must be some small misunderstandings and little fights between us.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome truths bout a womans heart... Esp. Coming from a man...impressive...