Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What I Love About You

I love the way you look at me. It’s so romantic. I see very sexy look in your eyes. It is difficult for me to express how I feel when you look at me. Your eyes are so bright and blue. I love to see your eyes each and every time when we are alone. I love the way you hold me and the sweet way how you kiss me. It is so difficult to forget the sweet romance in it. Did you ever noticed or did anyone told you how soft and smooth were your lips. When you kiss me holding me so tight I feel like as if I am in the heaven flying with the angles. How can I forget you?

I love the way you make me so happy even we are apart in the present. Tears roll out of my eyes when I think of your kindness and care. You are such a nice person. Your words were like a rhythm that was coming out of an angle’s mouth. After so many years still I can hear the way how you whisper in my ears “I LOVE YOU HONEY”. And the way you spent time with me so caring and loving. Helping at every step I took.

I still feel the loving tender way you touched me. So caring and loving. It is even now when I think of my golden days it sends a chill down my spine. Oh how sweet were you. I was never touched by any other one so lovingly. I love even to see you by my side anytime if you come to me. I am so proud and glad that you were mine some time back. Still the sweet memories are fresh in my mind. I am sorry I could not forget your sweetness my sweet honey.

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