Thursday, July 10, 2008

Internet lovers and the lies they tell.

Gone are the days when we had love songs sent to lovers. Gone are the days when our parents searched for our brides and bridegrooms. These old fashions are gone into history when the new age of technology developed. The contemporary times have developed so many methods of blind dating. We see sites like and so many others. We call all these methods internet dating.

For sure without any doubt the internet dating has become hype now. With a simple click on the computer button we see in front of us a million guys and girls looking for love. From this easy method we are able to find so many kinds of characters, of so many kind of variety of matches. Oh no singles, oldies, young, divorced, skinny, chubby, black or white, she-males name it as for your requirement and you will find them more than you can imagine. From dating site you will find whatever type you want. What a creative development. Now its like you going to a restaurant and looking into menu for your delicacy. You can have your choice of delicacy and eat it as the way you want to eat it. If you want to start to eat from upside down well it can happen without any laugh from onlookers.

That is the advantage of the new development. What about the disadvantage of this development. We face so many heart breaking lairs who cheat us in need of money. We are unaware of them till the last minute. The other problem is they make us to dance in front of them for free by pretending to please the partner, No regulations or hard and fast rules are not there as long as you can keep up with the profile you placed in the site. But if caught up in the web off lies you are gone for a six and you will never be able to convince to chat again. The other person will never believe you or will always want to take revenge against you.

So my simple question that disturbs my mind is how we are to protect our sincere interests and how we are to find genuine honest friends, or the true love from these dating sites. How can you be innocent when others are not innocent? How are you going to find good and bad ones, from these sites? So let me take a step forward and try to mention some of the lies that these bogus individuals often tell others to get them into his tricky net.

IN the profile, THE PRESENT RELATIONSHIP STTUS: some men and even women satisfied fully or not have a good life or not, many do tell they are single. They do place some other person’s photograph instead of them. Many a times, these happily married individuals, may be just looking to pass time or for the excitement in extramarital affairs. But sometimes someone who is passing the days or an unhappy married life may be or will be truly interested in a new relationship with a single person and they will always feel this is the best way to attract that person. Hew or she will not be aware of the truth behind the black curtain. A single innocent person may too be caught in this scenario.

Mentioning the real Age, for many of us the real age means a lot. Some of us feel it matters a lot. So perhaps to get involved in the younger generation some people do mention a younger age. But the truth is they are elder persons. There is some times the opposite reaction even. Some young people who love the mature ones, many mention the age older than their actual age. But what is the benefit of this. By telling the correct age even they may find a pair as to their requirement.

Physical appearance, many of us seems unhappy or unsatisfied about their physical appearance. In this case many do change their height, weight, waist size, about body hair, etc to attract others. Some even do place a bogus photo. The chubby or fat become slim or skinny. The short becomes tall by a imagination. The funniest thing we observe in dating sites is that same photo will be used by so many people from different nations. But no one will look same or alike to another. The searchers for love and who prefer certain shapes and sizes, on physical appearance are lured are freely go into these traps without knowing the truth behind it. This is the worst type of trap ever a person can imagine. By the time when the truth is revealed they are not in a status to get apart from each other. The result is later it falls into a disappointment.

In some dating sites we observe they do mention the financial status, as nature money speaks on behalf of the Peron’s good life. But we never think of the character of the person. Among us there are certain people who love posh life and who are very specific about financial status of the person they are seeking. Some are very interested in jewelry and other comforts. Aside from the promise of love, they need to know that the person is someone to rely on to. Especially for women seeking men, they need security in case things work out for them in the internet plus the thought of having a great financial status in your profile attracts every single beautiful woman on line.

My sincere advise is be careful with whom you deal with. Be smart enough to understand and to recognize the lies that they tell you. But never get frustrated and pressurized with these kind of dishonest people till you know who they are. Out of the large stock you will meet one or two who will be completely honest who truly deserve you.

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