Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Especially for my woman friends.

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away from you. If does not want you nothing can force him to take you. If you want a man you love, the best method is to stop making false excuses and to stop commenting on his behavior. This will save you from unwanted headaches and will allow your intuition to work well. The simple reasons behind these are you to stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that not meant for you. The best cure is to go slow in such a relationship.

Never ever live your life for a man before you could find the values that make you truly happy. If the qualities are, not there don’t waste your precious time. Some times these kind of relationships end because the man was not treating you as you deserve. It is not the man’s fault but it is his partner’s ignorance. The partner was mad of the man due to romance or due to unwanted love. Better to put a heavy no coz you cannot be lovers in any case. For sure almost a real lover will not surely mistreat his lover.

Always maintain a set of friends other than his known friends. Maintain boundaries in how he treats you and get it discussed with your known friends. If something bothers you don’t be silent but have the courage to speak up with him. In these secret scenarios never let your man know everything you do. No doubt, he will use these points later against you. No one can mostly change a man’s behavior and be wise to know change comes from within. Even if a man is important never make him feel he is important to you. If you do this you will have to pay for it later. He may be well educated and will be holding a higher post. But do not try to make him a quasi-god. Make him and make him understand he is also a human being. There is nothing extra ordinary thing to be proud. Never allow a man to define you and make you a small creature brought for his service. Make him understand you are more important in your family than your man.

Hire a single man and never borrow someone else man. Keep you mind open and think if he cheat the woman he got he will cheat you more easily. These are world known facts so believe me. A man will always treat his partner as the way the partner wants to be treated. All men are for sure not dogs. You should not always be the person bent but let him also bent. Compromise only for a 2 way street. By chance if something goes wrong, you need time to heal between the relationships.

Dating is fun even if he does not turn to be your Mr. Right. Be sensible to make him miss you sometimes. The best way is never allow a man to know where you are always. If you are always readily available to your man he may miss use this opportunity. So never fully, commit to a man who does not give you everything that you need. Don’t show him how much you love him and how much you care for him. Always keep him in your radar. It says it takes a minute to find a special person an hour to appreciate. Then a day to love and an entire life time to forget him.

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