Wednesday, July 2, 2008


[1] When kissing, make sure your eyes are closed (you can peek a little but nothing more).

[2] When you are kissing someone, make sure it is not someone’s bf or gf.

[3] You may NOT eat pizza anytime before you make out.

[4] If a person is a bad kisser, you may NOT stop and leave at anytime-it rude.

[5] A person with braces may not kiss another person who has them.

[6] When kissing, make sure your hands are where they're allowed (they can wander sometimes, and some people don't like that).

[7] NEVER ask someone if they're a good kisser-you will either get a wrong answer, or the truth will hurt you.

[8] If you were expecting more than kissing, don't complain-you will get less the next time.

[9]Kissing more than one 1 person in a day can result in you not being allowed to kiss one of those people anymore.

[10] Don’t kiss someone for the first time while you are laying in their bed.

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