Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The importance of things is normally measure in different ways. It is measured by time, by weight, or by the value. How much time, energy, and how much labour or how much thinking is invested into it is of value. The more time, energy, artisanship, invested to it the more importance it gets. Some times the more we reveal its importance the value goes up. If you want to know a person’s priority just check his or her time spent. How he or she behaves and acts. How he or she deals with others.

Time is most precious gift we got from nature. It is so precious we got a limited amount of it. We cannot expand it. We are bounce to go with it. We have no power to expand it. We have the ability to make more money and wealth and fortune but we cannot make more time. So we have everything in a span of limed amount. When we give someone our precious time, we are giving a proportion of our life, which is so important to us. This time will never be returned but if it was given in a valuable way our satisfaction can be achieved. Unbelievably time is someone’s life. Therefore, the most valuable gift a person can give his loved one is his time.

We now a days hear the word Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and in a Relationship or my lover. Do we think it have any value or importance. For damn sure there is no actual weight in it unless you are able to spend time and energy on it. No value in it, unless your give time and effort, to care with dearly love and affection. Just mere words of boyfriend, Girlfriend, Relationship or love have no importance unless T.I.M.E. is invested into the receipt of love. Therefore love is made up of TIME invested into grow it. If time is invested the will have a great value and importance.

The essence or the value of love is not what you supply or what you have spent on your lover. It is just a show off. Time and care with honesty is most important thing to grow a demonstrative warm lover for your lover. Keep your eyes, ears, nose open for the lover whenever it is needed. Give your full attention, your presence, your focus or your lover. All this can calculate in time. Therefore, love is time. Time is everything. Nothing on this earth can challenge and take the place of time.

The most wanted gift will never be a diamond ring and chain with earrings, red roses, or sex or a nicely packed chocolate. It is no other thing, accept focused attention, love concentration, the way you hold your lover. If you love dearly love concentrate so deeply at the precious time you forget everything at that romantic moment.

Whenever, we give our time we are making a holy sacrifice, and sacrifice is the sweet smelling essence of love. Such a love will never ever fail. Till the last breath it will be flowing with its freshness. Pure love is as if perfume so does not hold it spread it. Heart is as if crystals preserve it until last breath. Feelings are like water. Flow it without limit. Togetherness is like an umbrella, come let share it. All this consume time. Therefore love valued in TIME.

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